• Okamoto Industries, Inc.: Ibaraki Plant



    Okamoto Industries, Inc.

    Surrounded by beautiful natural settings, the city of Ryugasaki in southern Ibaraki Prefecture is located only a short 30 miles from Tokyo. Our Ibaraki Plant was one of the first factories built in the area, and remains a pillar of the local community. At this facility, we make things like condoms, adhesive taps, and household latex gloves. Since these are products that come in direct contact with people's skin, the Ibaraki Plant manufactures its products with the highest standards of technology and safety.

  • Beyond BodiHeat



    Okamoto Industries, Inc.

    Beyond BodiHeat® is an air activated heat pad that provides continuous, low-level heat to relax your sore, aching muscles and relieves your back pain, joint pain, stiff neck and shoulders. It is an easy and economical way to improve your active lifestyle.
    Recommended use of Bodi Heat includes:

    • Soothing sore, aching muscles

    • Relieving back and joint pain, neck and shoulder pain, and knee pain

    • For long drives, office work, or during flights

    • Before or during activities such as sports, housework, etc

Welcome to OkamotoUSA.com

Okamoto USA, Inc., located in Sandusky, Ohio, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Okamoto Industries, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan. Okamoto Industries, established in 1934, has earned an international reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality rubber and plastic products. Our company's flexibility has enabled us to adapt existing product lines to the needs and trends of the market, and to pioneer new products through research and development. Only products achieving the highest standards of quality will display the Okamoto name.

At Okamoto, we are concerned about people and the environment in the realm of rubber and plastic products. Pursuing this goal, we will continue to manufacture products with originality and the highest quality standards.